New DIY Trend: Upcycling Projects


Upcycling is a great DIY trend where you take old, discarded materials and use them to create something new and exciting. By upcycling, you’re giving new life to your materials by refashioning them into something useful and unique. Whether you’re looking to keep yourself organized and free up some clutter or to decorate your space, we’ve got some great upcycling projects for you to try. Here are three easy upcycling projects to get you started on mastering this DIY trend:


  1. Shoe Box Wall Art

Old shoe boxes seem like a thing that would come in handy for storage or wrapping gifts in, but inevitably they just end up cluttering your closet. Shoe boxes are a perfect item for upcycling because you can turn easily turn them into art! Take your shoe boxes or shoe box lids and cover them in a solid paint color. Then you can add a design and voila! You’ve got light-weight, easy to hang wall decoration. Check out Spunky Junky’s blog for inspiration and a full tutorial.


  1. Old Door Knobs as Hooks

The vintage look is incredibly popular right now, and a great way to get that look is by upcycling old or vintage door knobs as hooks. For this project, you’ll need a plank of wood. Drill holes in the wood where you want your door knobs to go. Cover the plank with paint or mod podge a paper design over the board. Find your holes through the covering and screw in your door knobs. Add your hanging hardware to the back and you’re good to go! This upcycle project is great for use in the bathroom for towel hooks or storage. Check out nefotlak’s blog for the full tutorial and get an idea of a use for the hooks.


  1. Painted Glass Bottle Vase

Glass bottle vases are a great upcycle project, especially if you live in an area that doesn’t recycle glass. Start by removing any labels from your bottle by socking the bottle in very hot, soapy water. Once your bottle is dry, pour some paint into the bottle and roll it around to distribute the paint all around the inside. Once the bottle is coated, set it upside down on a cookie rack to let the excess paint drip out. Check out The Sits Girls for a full tutorial, including a video!


It is so rewarding to save and refashion items that were destined to end up in the trash. There’s no end to the things you already have lying around your home that you can upcycle into incredibly beautiful pieces!


Paige Watts

Paige Watts

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