That Thing Really is the debut album of the NYC duo, BEAU. The album contains songs from their EP, launched on 2015 and new ones. The songs are somewhat eclectic, varying from folk to alternative rock, besides some in-betweens, throughout the album, always following their “musical trademark” of storytelling, lyrics-wise.


Like everything we have previously seeing from the duo, they choose to go against the nowadays trend
of the same old thing over and over again recorded by different artists and go back to a more natural take with a purpose. But that was expectable, if you like me, is obsessed with this band, and have seen all of their music videos, where their own natural and earthy style is portraited in a scenic and creative form.The songs on this album vary a lot from the good old folk to a more catchy alternative rock one.


Don’t be surprised to catch yourself listening to the songs over and over again for months while getting completely addicted to one in particular at each month or so and simply changing the one you are more obsessed with after this period to another one of the album – The good thing is, now you have 12 songs to be obsessed with every month of the year, when they will hopefully launch a new album! –  and sometimes even having it play on your mind by itself with the only reason being: It is a truly remarkable work by two very talented artists!


  1. C’mon Please
  2. Jane Hotel
  3. Mosquito
  4. One Wing
  5. animal Kingdom
  6. Oceans
  7. Leave Me Be
  8. Roam
  9. Sweet Lips
  10. Soar Across The Sea
  11. Sleep Deprived
  12. Lullaby


You can pre-order the album at iTunes!




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