ALBUM REVIEW: TheSoundYouNeed Vol. 2


It is a big thing for a YouTube radio inspired show to invest in a compilation of best songs and artists; it is great to see someone still believe so much in not so mainstream musicians they actually give them a chance to show their work to a wider audience by investing on them.

The first track, Talk in Tongues by Cosmic Quest feat. Evalyn and MOONZz, is already something uninspected, having a lot of different artists together and a mix of dance with classical instruments that don’t just get obviated by every other sound like a violin.

The opening track is followed for mostly electronic tracks. Its choice shows a big variety of this genre, varying from mostly pyrotechnic tracks to ones with a strong and ultimately perceptible cultural inspiration, from simple that remind you of everyday sounds to extremely ingenious ones.

The sixth track, Could by Elderbrook, has a very light melody with a reminiscent strong storytelling lyric.

The twelfth track, Drops by FKJ feat. Tom Bailey is the perfect chill out song, with a brilliantly sweet melody that often vary from soul to jazz. The addition of Tom Bailey’s smooth voice to it can be described as a perfect fit — No need to say we expect a lot more collaborations between the two.

The last track in the album is remixed version of Weight in Cold by Gallant. The song is crossed version of R&B with a hip-hop twist to make it that more interesting. Gallant voice is an act for itself, being able to show emotions and real meaning just by changing tone.

Album Review: TheSoundYouNeed Vol. 2

This album is mainly composed of really well selected electronic songs which possess the capacity to make perfectly clear the scenario the artist intended to show in each song, you won’t find random noises someone put together just because, all of the selected songs have an inspiration behind it, and it is clear.

The not electronic songs choices are light and groovy with good lyrics and nice vocals. Even know it is the minority of the compilation, they are tracks you will want to hear on a daily basis. In the album, they appear in the right placement to show the variety of the album, which is its most remarkable identity.


You can purchase it at the iTunes and Google Play.

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