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Blubell, the pop and jazz Brazilian singer and songwriter, write songs with lyrics in Portuguese, English and French. She has already toured in both Brazil and Japan, having been invited by the embassy of the last one, due to the large number of sales she has in the country.
We had the chance to chat with her about her career, new album and more.

When did you start in this artistic universe?
My older brother taught me the first guitar chords when I was twelve. When I turned 15, my dad took me to Teodoro Sampaio St (the best place to get musical instruments in S. Paulo) to buy me a new guitar.
We passed by a message board full of adds from bands looking for musicians and vice versa. There was no internet then…
Noticing my interest, my dad said: “Why don’t you call that guys?” – pointing to an add that said: “Band looks for vocalist for professional project”. I said: “…But, Dad… I’m not a professional… I never sang in public…”
It turned out to be my first band…

When did you decide to go for an artistic career?
I always knew I was going to be an artist. A few years ago, a friend from elementary school showed me a notebook with interviews me made each other. When asked about what I wanted to be when I grew old. My 8-year-old self, answered: “A creator”. It says a lot about me…
I’ve always preferred games that needed creativity to ones that take strategy skills. I have no patience for chess, but if you invite me to play “mimics”, I’ll come running…

How did you choose your alias? And why did you feel like you needed one?
I first felt the need to have an artistic name when I was about to release my first solo album. I still had a lot of doubts about going solo and bearing the responsibility of having to write my own songs. I wanted to be part of an incredible band. So, in a way used “Blubell” to confuse the audience regarding if I was a band or a solo artist… Bluebell was a nickname given by a Portuguese friend. It’s a flower.
Today I still think it was a good idea, but for a different reason. It’s good for me to have a clear separation between the artist and the person. Isabel and Blubell are two different individuals…

You have also already worked with jingles, how was this experience?
I still do… I love to ramble through different studios and meet new people. There’re a lot of talented people in this business… I met the producer of my next album while singing for a cell phone commercial soundtrack. Today I also work as a composer for some music houses here in São Paulo.

You song, Chalala, was the opening theme of a TV show in Brazil called ‘Aline’, and another song of yours was part of the soundtrack of a well-known movie, how was this for you? Have you always pictured this was going to happen at some point of your career?
Having my song “Chalala” as the theme of a TV Series was just awesome. It was great having my work recognized firstly by Branco Mello and Emerson Villani, who were responsible for the soundtrack of the series, secondly, by the director Maurício Farias, who wanted the song to be the main theme of the series, and finally, by the audience…

Your music style is what one might call unusual, especially for nowadays music scene, with a mix of Jazz, MPB, and Pop. Why did you decide to “take a chance” in this mix?
Because I could never work “genre wise” like this… When it comes to my work as Blubell, it’s all about being true and using the tools I have with me at the moment. I have no control of the songs I write… They just happen… I’m getting more and more “mystical” about this every day… I could never say: “Now I’m going to write a country song…”. I simply write the song and then I say “Look! It’s a country song!”.

Your last album, Diva é a Mãe, came out in 2013, do you have plans to release another one this year?
Yes. You just nailed it! I’m preparing to record my 5th album this year. There’s not much I can say about it right now, unless that I’m soooo excited about it….



What can we expect to be different in this new album, now that so much time has gone by?
Three years isn’t such a long time actually… Anyway, 2015 was so intense that it counts for me as two years in one…
Besides all the new songs, you can expect a few very nice people adding up to the gang. I wish I could say more, but we’re still putting it all together…

Even know you are from Brazil, your songs always seems to have a little bit of other languages in the lyrics, what impact you aim to cause with this, or is there another reason?

I never write anything meaning to cause impact. I just try to communicate. I think the best feedback is when people tell me they identify with my lyrics. It makes me feel less alone in the world…
When I write a bilingual song, normally it’s because I started writing it in English and felt the need to translate some of it to Portuguese, to communicate with more people. The other way round happens too.

Would you say your geographic location have the possibility of influencing your music?
Yes, of course. Actually, anything can influence my music. Even what I had for breakfast…
Living in a metropolis like S.Paulo certainly makes me absorb a quantity and quality of information that would certainly be different if I lived in the country, for example.

You have toured in other places around the world, besides Brazil, about the cultural difference in a concert, what stood out to you the most?

After touring around a bit, I feel that we can find good crowds anywhere. Sometimes it’s a matter of luck… That’s why I always get nervous before concerts. I never know what to expect from a crowd. Luckily, I’ve been positively surprised by pretty much every one of them…

What can we expect from you this year?
During the making of the new album, we’ll keep playing the “Tribute to Madonna” show.
I intend to release the album in the middle of the year. We’ll see… I’m also going to count with my fans to help me with it through crowd funding. There’s lots of work ahead…

Would you like to say something to our readers?
Yes! You can reach me and get my news on my Facebook fan page! Check it out: . Cheers!




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