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Liz Anne Hill took about 15 years and a few busted romances to create the songs that make up her band Starling Glow’s self-titled debut EP, a blend of modern pop musical styles that ranges from pop/rock to dance and indie. A multi-instrumentalist, Hill grew up in Orange County surrounded by music—her mom played piano, her dad guitar and older sister piano, pipe organ and drums, while they all sang.

“They told me early on, if I don’t pick up an instrument, they would kick me out of the family. I was handed a bass at 10 years old and told, It’s easy to play and you’re not very coordinated.”


We had the chance to interview her and talk about her music, image and much more.


Starling Glow is an interesting name for a musician. Why did you decide to use in your music career?

That’s a great question!  Throughout my music career, I’ve always done rock bands and it felt more natural to name the project something other than my given name.  The name Starling Glow was the brainchild of my producer, Billy Mohler, and his wife, Becca.  A starling is a songbird and the concept felt like a good fit for the music.


What were your biggest inspirations while working on your debut album?sg4

I’ve been listening to a little bit of everything!  I’ve always loved a wide variety of musical genres, and I’ve been pulling influences from EDM, rock, pop, indie and alternative music while writing the album.


What in the combination of rock n’ roll, indie, dance and electronic attracted you to the point where you decided to debut your music career officially with it? Have you considered making it different at some point? Maybe focusing on fewer music genres?

*laughs* I’m definitely aware that my musical influences are broad, but I think they blend themselves well into a pretty distinct sound.  I feel like I couldn’t do it any other way; I love so many different styles of music that it feels more natural to combine them than to try to omit any of them.



As you are still starting your career, you have been compared to many other great musicians. Does this kind of comparison bother you? How do you intend to stop being just alike another artist and become the greatly famous artist yourself?

I feel honored any time someone compares me to a great artist that they respect and admire.  I feel like almost every musician borrows and blends from various influences; it’s an inevitable part of making music.  I often feel that I am “too close” or too personally connected to my music to hear it objectively… The only thing I know how to do is be the best me possible and hope that it relates with listeners!


You havestarling glow been in great collocations in important music charts already. How do you feel about it? Was it something you already knew were coming?

I still can’t believe that We Are Infinite and Caution Tape have achieved the success they did on the Billboard Charts.  In my wildest dreams, placing in the top 20 twice was something I would never have anticipated, but I feel so grateful for it.


You have already done a radio tour, how was this experience?

I absolutely love touring.  I feel like there’s two sides of me; my inner perfectionist lives to work in the studio while my inner performer thrives every time I step on stage.  I love being able to personally interact with fans and give them a memorable performance.  It makes me feel alive.


Do you have plans to go on a concert tour in the future?

Once the album is released, I’m planning to go on tour to promote it.  I just can’t wait!



How has your on-stage experience been so far? Is it something you enjoy?

As I mentioned, I feel so alive every time I perform.  There’s an indescribable rush every time I see the crowd dance and sing along with me, it’s my happy place.


Do you have stage fright? If so, what are your tips to overcome it?

I used to experience stage fright when I began performing, but as soon as the band counts off, I feel like I go into a different headspace.  It’s almost hypnotic and I snap out of it the second I step off stage.  Being so focused in the moment and letting go of everything else helped me overcome my nerves.


Do you intend to release a new album soon?sg2

Yes, my producer and I are just finalizing a few more songs to release the album.  I cannot wait!


Have you already start the first steps into it, like, writing some songs or not?

Yes, we’ve recorded quite a few songs but we are also seeking a few more.  I really want to deliver the best album possible, so we aren’t rushing it.



What do you intend to accomplish as a musician and why did you choose to do so as a musician instead of as anything else?

My only goal whenever I write, record, or perform is to create music that relates with someone, that speaks to whoever is listening.  I know I can’t please everyone and that isn’t my goal… I just love to share my thoughts and my songs, and making music makes me happier than anything else.


Are can we expect from you in the future?

Once my album is finished, I’ll be releasing more music videos and hitting the road for a tour.


Is there anything you would like to say to our community?

Thank you so much for reading this interview!  Sending hugs and love!


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