London rock indie foursome The Jaggs prepare the online release of their rock steady debut single “Dasha” and showcase it at London venue The Spice of Life on the 22. in January.

The indie outfit The Jaggs are the result of the continuous music-making of Mike, Jamie, and Charlie who met at secondary school – finally completing their group with the addition of bassist Joe in 2013.

The boys have been concentrating on their work creating catchy and heartfelt songs spiced up by yearning electric guitar interludes and the lead singer’s unmistakable raspy voice. Their work has won them stages with the likes of Carl Barat (The Libertines & Dirty Pretty Things) and support from the brilliant producer duo Werkhouse.

 Whilst having played the London gig circuit and having earned Chislehurst Rocks Festival’s love 2 years running they have developed an accomplished sound that remind you of some classics such as Blur, Rolling Stones, Kings of Leon and The Maccabees.

This new year, there can be expected a lot more from these boys and their first shot is sounding like an indie rock banger you just have to listen to. 

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