#DearDaddy, a short film that has gone viral about rape culture and violence against woman.

Made by CARE Norway, the video shows a letter from an unborn baby girl to her father. It talks about how the life of a woman really is like, from a young age. She asks her dad to help prevent what will most likely come her way in her future in the hands of men. The social injustice of physical, psychological and sexual abuse in a world of gender inequality, where being a woman, means you will not be respected as a human being and will suffer during your whole existence because society doesn’t acknowledge your value. A society that makes you a victim and tells you to be a strong, independent woman, with which it basically mean it wants you to suffer without ever arguing or fighting for your rights, or trying to change your reality.


In the end, all women know they will all go throw a lot of pain and social injustice in their lifetime. This open letter is an attempt to educate those who are not women about what their grandmothers, mom, sisters and wife have gone through and what the future holds for their daughters. The gender equality fight has been going on for a while, but it can’t all change unless men accepts women to be the human beings they are and agrees to respect them, instead of seeing them as the fragile or secondary gender, whom they can control as they wish and not even be blamed for it.


Now if you are a girl, or a woman, by watching this, you will sadly relate. To some parts of it, if not all. Because, unfortunately, this is our reality. This is something we have to struggle with in our day by day. This is our lives and the terrible reality of what we have to get used to in order to survive. We not only have to worry about everything society dictates is important to be alive in this era while handling with whatever life throws at us like men do, we have to worry with the daily disrespect we suffer in the hands of man while trying not to ‘bitch‘ about it too much!



Victoria Oliveira

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