Anywhere in the world DIY projects are a hit, especially among this generation’s young adults. This concept showed up out of nowhere and took over houses everywhere, here are some of the reasons this became such an obsession so fast:


  1. It’s Cheap

This generation’s youth is all about experiences when it comes to pretty much everything except for tech. We love to move out and travel.

It’s important to highlight also it isn’t easy to have enough money to pay for your own place when you are young, so why would we care about buying expensive furniture if we can have a furniture with the same utility for just a few bucks?


  1. It’s Eco-Friendly

This generation was raised watching cartoons and Disney channel, and in both we were tough to care about nature and everything it provides, so when we get the chance to do/have something cool, innovative, and recycle at the same time, we naturally choose to do so.


  1. Store Bought Isn’t As Cool!

What story and experience can you tell your friends and family about something store bought? Maybe, one comment about what kind of wood it is made of, but that is a boring conversation millenniums don’t lose their time with.

A DIY product has a story and you can even tell people how cool and easy it is to do, and that they should do it too, instead of expending so much money for a company to do something alike and overcharge it – This can also be an ego boost for whoever can’t even imagine doing anything like it.



We, millenniums, get bored way too fast, so once we have nothing fun to do (and believe me, even the most sociable millennium live those days) we use the internet to research fun things to do, just try googling things like “What to do when you are bored”, or “Fun things to do for free”, you will get a lot of results and some of them are the coolest DIY projects there are and we all obviously want to try.


  1. Today’s Society

You may think this last reason is vague, but we live in a capitalist world and we all love material things, especially new ones. This may have also been the reason DIY projects have become popular with people from every age, not only young adults. We all love new things and try new things, so how could it be different when it comes to your house decoration?


Victoria Oliveira

Living in Brazil, Victoria has worked for influential brands, blogs and magazines like Dormify, Potterish, Blogócios, Rock Revolt Magazine, Inspiring Women Magazine, Conscious Magazine, myEstilo, Elegant Magazine, The Culture-ist, The Joy of Unemployment, CMuse, Thought Catalog, Diary Traveler, Elite Daily, You On Top Magazine, Affimity, and now, Youthgasm.