Interview with Illustrator Andrew Tarusov

LA based artist and animator from Moscow, Andrew Tarusov, is known for his specialty, pin-up illustrations. Andrew’s Tim Burton inspired Disney movies illustrations got him a lot of fans worldwide and his work featured in major publications.

We had the chance to chat with him about his career, work, and future projects.


When did you develop an interest in art?

My parents told me, that first, I started to draw when I was 3 years old.



Did you ever take classes?

Yes, I took a lot of classes! I studied in Arts school, then in Fine Arts College, and then in University I studied Animation and Computer graphics in Art Department. I studied almost all my life. Even now, sometimes I go to life drawing sessions in Los Angeles.


What’s currently your favorite style?

My favorite style is Pin-Up. I think, that it’s more genre than style, but I can draw it in Digital, in Watercolor… But I like to draw beautiful girls anyway.



What inspire you to draw?

Old Movies; Vintage photos and art; pretty women and everyday life.


Are you a full-time artist? If not, what else you work with and how does it influence your art?

I’m full-time artist, also, I draw comics art. Sometimes it influenced each other.


When you are doing an artist inspired edition, like the Tim Burton one, how do you prepare and decide which elements to feature?

I choose what will look better. The most significant and famous posters, for example. I just can see some ideas and images in my head and I draw them immediately.


How has your recent move to the US changed or inspired your work?

Well, here I realized how much people likes everything related to Disney and after that, I made some picture series, such as Disney Princess Pin-Up, Villains Pin-Up, and others.


You recently started doing comics, why did you?

I always loved comics and I always wanted to start to draw them, but I had no time. Recently I got a lot of followers and they want me to draw comics, so they, kind of, forced me to start doing that.


What are you currently working on?

A lot of stuff…on top of my mind is another viral picture series, but it’s still a secret.


Would you like to say something to our readers?

Thanks for watching and sharing my pictures, it’s the greatest pleasure for me!



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