Jean Jullien: The Artist Behind the “Pray for Paris” Symbol

After the recent attack in Paris you have probably heard about every detail already, the peace sign with the Eiffel Tower in the middle became the international symbol of “Peace for Paris”, both on and off social media. With this beautiful manifestation of support and solidarity, that is now a worldwide trend, Jean Jullien, the artist who created have gained instant fame.

At first, most people thought it was another Banksy creation, as it is something somewhat alike his work, and because he posted it on his Instagram (tagging the original artist, but most people overlooked this).
Within’ everything, the one thing that the most was the artist instinctive way to show support by creating such a simple yet relevant piece of artwork. Here is what the artist told his fans on his Instagram page – @Jean_Jullien:

Thank you all for your messages of support for Paris. It’s been a crazy few days since i posted the Peace for Paris drawing and i’ve struggled to keep up and get back to doing the thing that i love doing the most: drawing. I’ve given a few interviews about the drawing already but i just want to say that i did it in the most spontaneous and sincere way, as a heartfelt reaction to what was happening. It’s a drawing for Paris, for all the victims and their families. It is the worst way for me to be recognised as i normally try to make people smile with my work. This drawing is not about me, it’s not about credit, i don’t want to benefit from it. It’s a sign for everybody to share and show their support and solidarity. It’s a peace sign for all the other cities and countries around the world affected by such nonsense and violence. The victims of the attacks in Paris were doing what Paris does best: laughing, drinking, chatting, listening to music. Living and Loving. So that’s all i could draw today, my heart and love to the victims and to Paris. May we all keep living and loving.

As an artist, Jean have a lot of other artwork, which are also really good, most of which, talk to society about society on a personal level, but as the whole world knows him now, all of us can’t wait to see what he come up with next!

Victoria Oliveira

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