Lazy Girl 101: Makeup Tools Techniques

Lazy Girl 101: Makeup Tools Techniques


Makeup is a form of art, and like art itself, there are always techniques behind it that can make it simpler. In this compilation, you won’t find a makeup trick itself, but how to better use its products and tools for an effortlessly perfect makeup.


  1. Beauty Blender Trick

The beauty blender is supposed to be previously humid to work in its full efficiency. Using it dry on your skin will not only not give your skin the best aspect it could, but it will also use much more product than necessary as it is an absorbent material.


  1. Avoid Eyeshadow In Your Cheeks

To avoid getting eyeshadow on your cheeks humidify your eyeshadow brush before using it. By doing so, it will stop falling out and stay exactly where applied.


  1. Curled Eyelashes

If you want perfectly curled eyelashes but don’t have a eyelashes curler (or is too intimidated by it), heat up a spoon in warm water, press your eyelashes against its top edge and finish with mascara.


  1. Just Enough Mascara

To avoid big deposits of mascara in one place (and end up looking like Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove); apply it while doing gentle zigzag movements.


  1. Mascara in the Right Place

While applying mascara, avoid getting it anywhere else in your face by placing a bottom edge up spoon under your eyelashes.


  1. Eyelash Curler Done Right

Eyelash curlers are already intimidating, at first sight, having to use it multiple times to actually work, to most people is more than a reason to not use it at all. A tip to make it work even more efficiently is to heat it up with your blow dryer for around 5 seconds before using it.


  1. Lipstick That Lasts

To make your lipstick last all day long, apply it, blot the color in a tissue, put another tissue over it and apply translucent powder over it. Follow this step around 3 times and you’re good for the day.


  1. Eyelining Angle

When applying eyeliner, incline your head backwards a little. This will open your viewing perspective and make the eyeliner’s pathway turn standout.


  1. Makeup Brushes

Clean your makeup brushes every time you use them. Not cleaning them can cause allergies and conditions which completely ends the reason to use makeup in the first place, which is to highlight your best features and conceal the ones you don’t like the most about yourself. So, if you are going to spend time and money on makeup, why wouldn’t take basic cares to make sure it won’t have a negative reaction on your skin?


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