3D-Printed Bikinis to Clean the Ocean

Technology never ceases to surprise us, but this time, it has gone an extra mile in a search to combine fashion and social good.

As we all know pretty well, mankind has been polluting the environment we live in, in name of profit, for as long as anyone alive today can remember.

To combat this, University of California professor, Mihri Ozkan, created a 3D-printed bikini to help clean the ocean, and all one have to do to help is wear it while on it.

The bikini is made of a reusable spongy material, which porous absorb contaminants from the ocean and help reduce pollution. In order to do so, heated sucrose was used to manufacture the porous in its structure, and it helps the fabric repel ocean water and absorb contaminants, being able to absorb 25 times contaminants of its own weight.



For every one of you that might be concern about your own health having such contaminants in contact with your body, you don’t have to worry about it, as the material used do not allow the contaminants to have any contact with the human body, all of it simply get trapped in the porous.

In addition, the products used for its fabrication are extremely cost-effective and the researchers say the material can take many other forms besides the bikini that was originally designed, including bathing suits, and we all have to admit, this bikini design looks amazing, we can’t wait to see what other designs the team come up with!


Picture by Eray Carbajo


Victoria Oliveira

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