A Millennial Response to Bookless Libraries


Bookless libraries are fast becoming more popular than reading or checking out books at our local public libraries. The sad contemplation of it all seems that millennials are losing their chances on reliving the other generation experiences, when people actually wanted to read a paper book instead of reading it on an electronic reader, like Kindles, iPads or Nooks.


Many think that this is a soulless shiny plow that will allow passing fads like libraries to slowly roll along, but Libraries have always been the esteemed place to study, learn a new skill or meet friends. It is both safe and rewarding. Plus, it is quiet and calm, which is exactly what you need to concentrate while reading.


If bookless libraries do become the norm in today’s society, it will drive millennials inside their homes instead of being amongst society or being out there reading. There is no doubt that millennials can read in their rooms, but having other peers around them will not only make it worthwhile but feel like belonging somewhere, which is something so important in this depressed youth era we live in.


Many advocates for the saving of the libraries are currently petitioning against having bookless libraries and this is either driving those on the edge or sick. Once it has broken ground, bookless libraries will replace public libraries and make more and more people from every generation to witness the atrocity it would be like losing the place, which stood for a place to have in common with others, especially when reading classic literature and modern gems and discussing them.


Sadly, Public libraries are slowly becoming extinct. This leaves us with questions like where can one gather in a culture and safe environment to do nothing other than to study and read a nice book? Public libraries have been there for word collectors, researchers, archivist and grammar nerds everywhere for hundreds and hundreds of years. Think about what we will be losing.


Humorously, public libraries have always had that one annoying librarian – Rather you often go to the library, or happened to go once, I bet you know what I mean. Soon, even this human interactions will be replaced by computers that proctor our exams or help with homework assignments.


It is sad to see it all break apart with bookless libraries as the new norm. In what direction can we go? Can it be contained? It all depends on Millennials to oppose to those that are trying to ruin it and make it their everyday cause!


Veronica Felipe

Veronica Felipe

Graduated in English Language and Literature from Southern New Hampshire University and currently working on her second degree, Veronica can be always found with her pink-colored sunnies listening to 60’s and 70’s folk and classic rock while creating something artistically astonishing.
Veronica Felipe

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