Advertisements: Everything Has Been Done or Is It Just Lazy?


Watching the news may get boring and depressing at times, listening to radio hosts bicker may not be what you want to hear during traffic, and, to be honest, you probably pause Netflix shows all the time, but there is nothing worse than listening to a million advertisements for products that you could care less about. Not only that but the advertisements are presented in the most obnoxious and repetitive way possible.


Have you ever seen that commercial where a group of middle-aged adults is having a whimsy bet on who loves their phone plan more? How about the one where the elderly are conversing about heart disease medication, conveniently pointing out the exact procedure on how to take it and the advantages of doing so? Then there’s all those insurance, fast food, and retail store commercials that all lack originality and sound similar to each other.


There are times I feel lucky that in some media sites like, I have the option to choose the advertisements I want to see. Other times (most times) I feel screwed for being in a period where advertisement agencies are jamming icons and jingles in my head. I can’t even sit down to watch a thirty minute (or twenty minutes with all the commercials) program without getting antsy when the story gets cut off because Pizza Hut needs to tell people how awesome they are.


I understand the point of advertising, though I’m the type of person who thinks that if a company is as good as they say they are then they wouldn’t need to rely on publicity as much as they do. On the other hand, I’m also the type of person who won’t notice something unless it’s right in front of my face. So, I wouldn’t say that advertising is completely unnecessary.


It just seems like the agencies are either running out of ideas or taking the easiest, and perhaps the safest, route. How should we promote our product? Let’s have some people gather around and talk about it because people always talk about their bowel movements with random strangers.


Yes, there is power with referrals and spokespeople and jingles and pretty colors and all that, but we’re in the millennial now and we need to kick it up a notch when it comes to presenting a product to an audience. No more cheesy lines, and bring on the amusing, epic, uplifting, and unexpected.


Rebecca Szabo

Rebecca Szabo

Rebecca Szabo graduated from Valparaiso University with a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing. Her main goal is to write science fiction and contemporary fiction novels. In her free time, she likes to read multiple genres, including science fiction, the classics, and young adult fiction.
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