Give Yourself Time: Finding Yourself At Your Own Pace

With social media bios, humans need to fit in just became even more evident. Where in the past you would only be ok with being labeled during high school instead of tanding out too much and pursuing a quest to find yourself, where it would make it easier to make friends, this time around adults are now becoming each time more receptive of it.

Once we grow up, we were supposed to find our true self and realize how we are more than just the perspectives we had when we were younger, and in most cases, realize our high school version of ourselves was only a phase.

Living in the real world open our eyes to everything we can be, and eventually, we get to know most of what constitutes our minds. But some steps can facilitate certain aspects of self-knowledge.

Embrace New Adventures

With experience, you gain knowledge, especially self-knowledge. Having great memories to share and breaking free from all your self-restrictions are also a big plus.

Be Informed

Rather you choose to read random tweets, books, or both, in reading you will find what your ideas are constituted of, and this may even broaden your knowledge to an extent you end up by changing your mind. Speaking with people outside your social group is also an effective way to be more informed in a spectrum you didn’t even expect!

Don’t Be Afraid of Change

Being afraid of change is normal, everyone feels restricted to what they know and what they once were. However, just like hermit crabs, at one point your old shell will become small for who you have become, and you will eventually have to find a new one.

Make Your Own Choices

There’s freedom in the power of choice. It is up to you to make the best decisions for yourself to live your dream life while being your absolute best self. It is also your choice if you let others influence your final opinion.


It is important from time to time to take time to reflect on your life. You are the only person who can’t truly lie for yourself, even if you try. If you feel you are not as happy as you should be, it is important to reflect on what you can do differently to modify what’s not right.

Victoria Oliveira

Living in Brazil, Victoria has worked for influential brands, blogs and magazines like Dormify, Potterish, Blogócios, Rock Revolt Magazine, Inspiring Women Magazine, Conscious Magazine, myEstilo, Elegant Magazine, The Culture-ist, The Joy of Unemployment, CMuse, Thought Catalog, Diary Traveler, Elite Daily, You On Top Magazine, Affimity, and now, Youthgasm.

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