Girl Talk: He’s Just Not That Into You


You have seen the signs, read the books and know what to look for when you want to know whether the guy you’ve been pining over and crushing on ever since you saw him likes you too. And as soon as you think that he might be into you, there he goes ignoring you like he’s just not that into you. Well, guys can be confusing sometimes.

This leaves everything a mess because you were hoping to be asked out by him and there he goes leaving you to pick the broken pieces of your heart. His actions confuse you; they can brighten your day or make you want to rip your hair off.

He’s the guy always sending you mixed signs. One day he would make you feel like your the only girl in the world and the next day he would completely ignore you and totally¬†crush your dreams of a happily-ever-after with him.



Personally, I feel that there are two types of guys. First, are the ones who know about your teeny-tiny crush (of course you have already married him in your dreams  and thought of the name of your kids) and string you along purposefully for an ego boost. Second are the kind of guys who are oblivious to you and your inner turmoil.

In both cases, if they are hot and cold with you, they are just not that into you. You need to know that you are worth more than a string along and find a guy who genuinely likes you because if you stop over thinking about his each and every action, guys are pretty straightforward.

If you find yourself at an impasse and for the life of you, have no clue if he likes you or not, here are some things that will tip you off if he’s just stringing you along or is totally oblivious to your feelings:


1. He checks out other girls in front of you.

2. He messages you only at night. (Possibly for a booty call)

3. He ignores you in front of his friends or laughs and/or does nothing to help you when someone picks on you.

4. He is not immediately by your side when you are in trouble or need someone.

5. He tells you, he likes your friend and/or flirts with your friends.

6. He treats you like all his other friends.

7. He rarely texts you, unless he’s really bored and you are his last option.

8. He tries to change you according to what he likes by pointing out you quirks.

9. He has a girlfriend.

10. He’s a player.


So next time if you are torn between your feelings for a guy who makes you crazy with mixed signals, look for one or more of these signs and move on before you become obsessed with him and start stalking him on social media platforms (or in real life) and save yourself from a potential heartbreak.


Chhavi Ahuja

Chhavi Ahuja

Chhavi was never into writing but read like there was no tomorrow. And slowly she discovered that those who read can probably write as well. And so she gave a try at writing articles about things she love the most; books. And she likes to think that she can put her passion of words into paper. She is currently pursuing her bachelor's degree in Economics.

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