Let Go of Trust Issues by Trusting the Right People, and How to Tell Them Apart

The universe ever-growing state is a reason to be a positive person, seeing how small everything is compared. However, this is not the case for most of us, who live in a bubble of chaos, scared of what the future holds while simultaneously not being able to trust anyone.

At an early age, we learn to be careful about others and learn things like “stranger danger”. We are instigated to assume the worst of everyone and to only trust close family members. This trust issues’ mindset based on fear adds an unnecessary anxiety to our existence and breaking free from it may work better for your mental health than medicines such as Prozac.

Trust, but verify.

                                    —Ronald Reagan

The aim is not to trust every stranger we meet, but to not allow trust issues on our way to a happier life. If you are looking to control your own trust issues, here are some simple habits to implement in your everyday life that are sure to help:

Listen to Your Gut

We all have our own “radar” when it comes to others. This instinct we normally choose to ignore is powerful and usually correct, being able to lead us to a path of better understanding of character and intentions.

Pay Attention to Details

A person’s true character is better evaluated in the small choices they make, whether it is for making mean comments, trying to instigate hate, or even trying to bring negativity into our lives. It is important to stay alert to how people around us handle the small but not trivial situations.

Don’t Be Cynical

We shouldn’t expect a big gesture where someone proves how trustworthy they are. Everyone has their own issues and lives to care about, it is not practical to expect someone to prove their trustworthiness value. Most of the time, a person true-self becomes clear by the smallest things!

Accept Everyone Is Different

When coming to the realization someone can’t be trusted we must keep in mind it doesn’t necessarily make them a bad person, they might just don’t fit our expectations. We shouldn’t make it our obligation to ruin this person’s relationship with others with different perspectives.

Cleanse Your Life

We shouldn’t necessarily shut an untrustworthy person out of our life, especially because in most cases it is not an option. The important thing is to know we don’t have to share details with no one we don’t want to and do not give up trusting everyone else because one person didn’t meet our standards.

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Victoria Oliveira

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