Memories: Creation, Flashbacks and Nostalgia


Another year has begun and, as usual, it feels like nothing has changed. The sun continues to come up every day and the birds continue to sing, which are both obviously good things in their own common yet beautiful way. Snow keeps falling down, tax season is coming up, and Taylor Swift has made another video. You know—same old, same old.

But it’s those tiny things, the small unpredictability in everyday activities that we notice and affect our mood or outlook on certain moments of our lives. For instance, you’ll be walking through a store or mall and suddenly get the familiar whiff of your aunt’s perfume. The simple scent can do a multitude of things. It can recall the memories of your aunt at family parties, which can spark even more memories. It can rekindle more personal and sentimental moments that you have spent with your aunt. Or it can create new memories, like remember that time I walked through Macy’s and someone sprayed perfume in my face?

And then there is music. Have you ever listened to a song that brought you back to another time, another decade even? A song that brought you back to a unique moment in your life, like a school dance or a first kiss or a wedding, whether any of those moments were good or bad? It seems like every song gives, at least, one person that feeling. In one particular case, though it wasn’t personal to me, occurred to many people on New Year’s Eve at a Celine Dion’s concert.

If there is anyone who sings memorable and inspirational songs, it’s Celine Dion, but in this particular concert, though I’m sure that she does this in many concerts as do other artists, Celine did a cover of whom she claimed was her favorite singer’s hit song, Hello.

I watched videos of this moment, and it looked to me like she might have either sung the cover near midnight or near the end of her concert, in any case, she was saying hello to a new year with all her fans who were more than thrilled to hear her sing the song that’s been on everyone’s mind. As usual, she sang the first part of the song very well, with the audience applauding her wildly during the chorus, but near the end she put her own little twist to the single, wishing her fans a new year and telling them to be safe.

As if Adele’s music didn’t leave enough people awestruck, now another strong vocalist comes in with her own cover. But now the question is what will you think of now that you’ve heard both versions? Will you think of the moment when you first heard Adele’s song? When you heard Celine’s cover of it? Or will you remember this article?

Rebecca Szabo

Rebecca Szabo

Rebecca Szabo graduated from Valparaiso University with a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing. Her main goal is to write science fiction and contemporary fiction novels. In her free time, she likes to read multiple genres, including science fiction, the classics, and young adult fiction.
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