The Millennials Way: Own Everything Without Spending Much


In an age where everything seems to be necessary to own and at the same time everything gets boring fast, the new generation is making smart choices to always have what seems important to them at the moment.

What they have realized is that they get bored with things too quickly, which means, even know they have a lot of things they want, they also have a lot of things they no longer use or want. So, in order to make the best they can in this capitalist world, without being broke all the time and not being able to buy what they want in the future, an efficient system which consists of two parts was generated and was obviously successful.

The first one is the idea of selling stuff they are no longer interested on, instead of throwing it away or leaving it somewhere in the house just occupying the space of something they actually wanted.

The second one is that in order to save money while purchasing things they want or need, this generation has been buying used things, after realizing used products have been becoming each time less used and more preserved, instead of paying full price, using the internet as a tool for the transaction.

This 2 steps plan is basic an evolution of the kindergarten times where they would just trade things, which is basically a habit that was the only choice before money was even invented.

Obviously this is something every generation have experienced, but now, with the internet, as everything else, it has evolved into a more technologic and capitalist way in which with a simple research you can find exact the product you want without having too much trouble finding it in pawn shops, as Facebook groups or Craigslist usually do the trick!


Victoria Oliveira

Living in Brazil, Victoria has worked for influential brands, blogs and magazines like Dormify, Potterish, Blogócios, Rock Revolt Magazine, Inspiring Women Magazine, Conscious Magazine, myEstilo, Elegant Magazine, The Culture-ist, The Joy of Unemployment, CMuse, Thought Catalog, Diary Traveler, Elite Daily, You On Top Magazine, Affimity, and now, Youthgasm.

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