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The fashion industry holds a huge influence on the world. It dictates what’s going to be in style and what should be left out. It creates trends and kills them just as quickly. Without any warning, we are bombarded with the newest styles as if by magic. New York Fashion Week came and left, but not without leaving us awe inspired. However, not every fashion statement created from fashion week is necessarily one that should garner a following.


Manicures can bring an entire ensemble together. Whether you’re going for the classic French tip or firecracker red, our nails can be a minor highlight of a completed look. Just as subtle of a splash a banging manicure can have, it can also have just the reciprocal, but with more collateral damage.


The models at the Libertine Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week (NYFW) dawned what looked like mini furry animals on their fingertips. Alas, when taking a closer look that’s basically what they were. The models sported what has been named “furry nails”. Creative Nail Design (CND) are the real masterminds behind the phenomenon. They are no stranger to NYFW, but the overall idea of fur on your nails is as unappetizing as it sounds.


Let’s take into account that this is for a fashion show and most, if not all, outfits showcased definitely can’t be categorized as an everyday look, and the nails are no different. However, with such an influential voice, I don’t think that notion will and can compute to the average person. As seen, furry nails are actually taking off. Some people going as far as going for more colorful furry nails rather than neutral toned.


I’m all for self-expression, but what exactly is this look trying to state? Surely there must be some inspiration/motivation behind it. Personally, I can’t seem to find one.


Although furry nails made its first appearance at this year’s NYFW, it has actually been a trend around the world for some time. Japan, for example, has what is called “hairy nails” where extremely long locks of hair are glued on to the nail tips. How can such a trend even become remotely useful to anyone? At least, with acrylic nails, it serves as a good scratch if you need one. Gel nails help keep a manicure looking new longer, but what do fur nails do? If anything, I feel it would create more mayhem than anything. Food and dirt particles can easily get trapped, the fur would have to be meticulously dried every day and I don’t even want to think about possible bald spots once the glue begins to give out.


Trends and fashion can be ridiculous as we’ve seen with these new “manicures” so before gluing your pet’s hair onto your nails and calling it fashion, ask yourself exactly what this look is going to do for you. If you feel it completes an ensemble then go right ahead, but if you’re just doing it because fashion week told you it’s the best look since Liza Minelli’s Cabaret, then maybe you should rethink that idea and stick with something that fits what feels represents you the most.


Photo: Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images


Marissa Ochoa

Marissa Ochoa

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