Interview with Vintage Self-Portrait Instagrammer Annelies van Overbeek

Interview with Vintage Instagrammer Annelies van Overbeek


Annelies van Overbeek, the newest Instagram sensation with over 100k followers, have been featured in major media outlets though out the world. Currently 17 years old and studying History at a University, this Dutch beauty started her channel only one year ago.

With a face that strongly resembles Audrey Hepburn, Annelies creates full looks (including makeup, hair, clothes and props) and even get into character to best portrait every female she chooses to honor, as the true chameleon.



When and Why did you decide to start ‘BewitchedQuills’?

I just changed my account name to @anneliesvanoverbeek today, but I first started my account on the 19th of May 2015, the day of my English final. I didn’t know where I was going with my page and just posted little random things. It was only about 2 months ago that my account started growing really fast even though I had been doing recreations for quite some time before that!


Interview with Annelies van OverbeekYou have been featured a lot in the media since then, did you imagined it would grow so much?

I never imagined it would grow this much! I was just doing it for fun, for myself really. I never really thought that what I was doing would interest other people, but clearly I was wrong!


When did you start to learn how to do makeup and hair?

I’ve always loved doing it. When I was younger, about 11, I started watching makeup tutorials on YouTube especially Emma Pickles’ videos and decided I wanted to be an SFX makeup artist. I wanted to be that for the longest time, but when I became interested in history that kind of faded away.


Interview with Annelies van OverbeekWhy did you decide to go an extra mile, impersonate the character, style, and accessorize?

I don’t know it just happened I guess. I think it mostly started when I started getting really interested in vintage and old Hollywood.


How long does it usually take from you to go from the phase of choosing a character/person to post the finish look?

I would say from about 2 weeks to a month, depending on the props I need to collect. Sometimes it’s really difficult to find the things I need for a reasonable price. I have to pay for everything myself and because I don’t have a job that can be quite challenging!


What’s the best part about it for you?Interview with Annelies van Overbeek

I just love to see the final results I guess and it’s a creative outlet for me. I love drawing, painting, and photography. I have to make things otherwise I feel incomplete.


What was your favorite look of all time?

I think my Daisy Buchanan look turned out really nice! But my Audrey is best in person.


Your resemblance to Audrey Hepburn is beyond amazing. How do you feel about it? Are you a fan?

When people first started telling me I looked like her I never really knew who she was, but when I eventually decided to look her up I just completely fell in love with her! She basically opened the door to vintage and old Hollywood to me.


Interview with Annelies van OverbeekYou also post some of your paintings on your Instagram. They are really good! Did you ever take professional classes or something?

Thank you! I never did take classes no, except two botanical watercolour classes from Anita Walschmidt Sachs. My dad and my uncle are very good at drawing too and I think I have inherited that from them. I’ve been drawing all my life!


Do you intend to start recording your creation process to share with your fans? Possibly on your recently created Youtube account?

Yes! That’s exactly what I’m planning on doing when my exams are over. I can’t wait!


What are your makeup must-haves?Interview with Annelies van Overbeek

Surprisingly enough I own very little and only very cheap makeup. As I said I don’t have a big budget, but Itry to make the best of it. But I recently got some products from Besame Cosmetics in the mail which I’m really excited to use!


What is the one makeup trick you wished you have known before?

That’s a difficult question! I don’t really know, to be honest!


If you could go back in time and give yourself one tip on anything, what would it be?

Don’t dye your hair auburn! I will never have my original hair colour again, unfortunately!


Interview with Vintage Instagrammer Annelies van OverbeekWhat are your plans for the future in general?

I’m in my first year of studying history at university, but although I really like it I would love to act or model or do something with makeup. I hope that my new found ‘fame’ can be a stepping stone to either one of those things. But one always have to have a plan b!


Would you like to send a message to our readers?

I would say always be true to yourself. Do what makes you happy!





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