The Future of DIY Jewelry is 3D Printed

Crafting your own jewelry has always seemed like a chic idea – you would have one-of-a-kind accessories that are all your own! Plus, every time someone ask where you get all of your incredible jewelry, you could modestly say, “Oh, this? I made it myself!”

For those of us who aren’t very DIY-savvy, creating our own jewelry never seemed like a real possibility, but all of that is about to change thanks to technology!

A new startup called Trove is giving you the chance to become a jewelry designer. You don’t have to be an expert at all; Trove makes the entire process really very simple for you.

The website lets you design your own pieces of customized rings and bracelets by giving you a starting model that you can then change using a slider tool. For example, you can change the width of the pieces, making a chunky bracelet or a thin ring; you can twist and stretch pieces into completely new shapes; as well as change the material to gold, silver, precious plated, or bronze; and you also have your jewelry engraved. All the while the website appraises the price of the piece as you make changes to it.

Save your customized jewelry to your trove account and then share your creations on Pinterest. You can even view other people’s designs, follow other creators, and purchase their customized designs as well as update them to fit your own style. With an entire social stream, who knows, maybe you’ll even find people loving your design discover that you’ve got a knack for this jewelry designing thing!

But what may be the startup’s most handy feature is that you can test your design before you purchase it. The world is changing, and 3D printing is the new try before you buy. The plastic try-on model is free with each purchase, so you can test out your design, make some edits if you need to, and then purchase your customized piece. If you end up for whatever reason no longer wanting your design after trying it on, you’ll only be charged a small fee for the try-on model.

Trove is working on getting your customizable necklaces next, so pretty soon you’ll be able to have a whole set of uniquely you customized jewelry!

Paige Watts

Paige Watts

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