The Millennial’s Guide to Skincare Routine

Millennials are all officially 18 and over now, so naturally it’s time to talk skin, more specifically, facial skincare routine.

In a world full of botox and fillers, it may be easy to take your skin for granted, I mean, our childhood queen, Mary-Kate Olsen, seemly got her face done, why wouldn’t we?

However, it is important to note we are the generation who spends more money on food than any other before us, and if we must spend money to correct mistakes of the past, like not having a skincare routine from an early age, we will have less money to spend on our food-driven lifestyle. So, think about that next time you go out of the house without sunscreen on!

Taking care of your skin is a win-win situation, and don’t worry, you can always bake your face like a pro whenever you wish to, with the difference of it being by choice, not because of the obligation you feel to not leave the house looking like a zombie. Plus, at the end of the day, makeup is fun!


20-Something Skincare Routine

For the younger part of the millennial category, it is recommended to follow a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and dark circles remover skincare regime. This is as simple as it gets, but consistency is key to have the best results.
When it comes to what product to choose, it always depends on the skin type, so keep an eye out for ingredients and research a product before purchasing it, don’t just buy the product your favorite celebrity is endorsing.

A great idea when it comes to such a young skin using make-up, is to on moisturizing foundations such as Koh Gen Do Cosmetics’s Maifanshi Moisture Foundation.




Ole Henriksen’s Face The True Cleanser is a good and fair priced one, just remember to get the clean truth foaming cleanse, if you have a normal to dry skin type, and the brand’s face the truth gel cleanser for combination to oily skin, as gel formulas are best for this type.




When it comes to toners, a great one currently everywhere in the media is surprisingly actually good. Living up to its fame, the Matcha Toner of the popular Milk Makeup brand is not only a vegan product, but one of the best currently on the market. Unlike most products, this one works great for all skin types and is a great long lasting fairly cheap investment.



There should be a rule about changing your moisturizer seasonally. During the cold months, you may want to reach for the heavy duty Avène Rich Compensating Cream as not only it is restorative but it also keep moisture in, but when summer comes around is a good idea to replace it with a light weight one, to products such as Avène Hydrance LIGHT Hydrating Cream. For oily prone skin, you may want to go for the Avène Cleanance MAT Mattifying Emulsion during summer months and the Counter Balance Mattifying Moisture Creme during winter time.




To fight off dark circles, the Banana Bright Eye Creme is going to give you a good fighting chance, being not only great when working solo, but it also improves your concealer results.





30-Something Skincare Routine


From when you turn 30 on, your skin has become a lot more mature and a few extra care are necessary, not only when it comes to your health and diet (which obviously affects your skin), but there are also a few steps to add to your skincare routine to ease you into the matured skin stage which will happen shortly.





Up until now exfoliation was something you only did one in a while to prevent pimples, but once you turn 30 you must add it to your skincare routine at least one week (twice even better). By doing so your skin will produce more new cells and your complexion will look fresher. A deep exfoliator such as the pore-balance facial sauna scrub from Ole Henriksen is the way to go.





At this age pigment start changing, to avoid it you must start using brightening products such as vitamin C. To do so, you may find a product with such properties to add to your routine such as this Power Bright Kit, or choose to get products you already use, such as moisturizers and toners with infused vitamin C, which will not only work wonders but also save you money, such as the Power Your Glow Vitamin C Regimen.




If you have already reached the age of 30, it’s time to start using anti-aging eye cream, as that’s the first part of the face that start showing age. We recommend Avène PhysioLift EYES which formula targets not only wrinkles, but also dark circles and skin firmness.






Let us know in the comments below which item you are adding to your skin care routine and any tips you may have!

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