The Ultimate Product Guide for Damaged Hair

If you have a slutty hair – meaning chemically  changed. Let’s restrain every thought of slut-shaming hair – you notice how much more care it takes to get the same result you could easily have before with minimum care.

A few years ago, before I dyed my hair blue I was in the process of searching vegan hair products and while in the search for one to match all of my hair needs, I ended up destroying it. Once I realized there wasn’t much I go do to fix my extremely beloved and cared for hair, I decided it was the perfect time to fulfill my wish of dyeing it a very unnatural color, so I went to a hairdresser studio and had it dyed navy blue from the top to the tips.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize my hair got slightly worse – Although I must say I thought it would become even worse – and a new hair care regimen had to take place, and I for some reason think to this day it was all worth it, as even know it takes a bit more time and resources for my hair to look healthy nowadays, my hair had already been damaged by those really bad vegan products I had tried, and I knew that was the best time to make a big hair change considering it was the time I didn’t have much to lose, hair-wise.


Drug Store vs High-End Products
When it comes to drugstore products, it is hard to find one that worked for such problematic strands of hair, and even know in my experience being expensive doesn’t make a product good, the high-end ones I have completely fallen in love with are a lot better than the drugstore ones I have tried so far, but the best products of the latter is not that far behind, which considering the price difference may be more advantageous if your hair isn’t very damaged, or don’t wish to spend much on hair products. After doing a lot of research and testing, these are the best products I have found that worked best for my now dry and damaged hair:


I have tried quite a few products from Aussie, but the one that worked best for me was the Aussie Moist Kit, especially the deep condition product in it. Second best from this brand is the strong line, which even know it doesn’t differ much from the first, I found it to be a little drying.

Right after I dyed my hair, the first product I used to bring it back to life was Senscience’s Inner Restore Intensif Deep Repairing Mask and I must say it worked wonders giving my hair back its texture and aspect, which seemed lost for a while.


Not Your Mother’s
Out of this brand, I must confess the product I use the most is the Sea Salt Spray which is dries the hair out, but when your hair is a mess it does wonders to the general visual aspect of it. However, I have tried the Way to Grow Long & Strong line prior to dyeing my hair, time in which I enjoyed the results, but afterwards, this product did not work as it used to, due to how damaged it was, and I decided to restrain from it.


Phil Smith
Within this brand I have focused on the Be Gorgeous line of products, and used it continuously for about 6 months, always repurchasing once I was out. I must say the only reason I stopped using this brand was because I firmly believe in changing hair products from time to time as to avoid my hair getting “used” to one specific formula.

Lee Stafford
This may be the brand I have tried the most amount of products as of yet. I have tried the Hair Growth line, the Poker Straight Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist – Which is to this day my favorite heat protection product – and the Cocoloco Set – from which I believe the hair mask to be the biggest start of it.



This brand’s CC Cream 10-in-1 Complete Correction is the leave-in I swear by and recommend to anyone who feels the need for something other than heat protection products after washing their hair – just don’t forget it should be applied before drying it!


Out the Keune products, I have tried the entire Design Repair Line including its Hair Mask Treatment a few years ago, and only really stopped using because I like to change products often. Recently, I have discovered Keune’s Care Line which I have been using consistently along with the brand’s Vital Nutrition Mask of the same line, and must say my hair have not felt as smooth and strong in over a year, this products are my new favorites, and I don’t intend to change them anytime soon!


What other hair products would you like me to review next? Leave a comment in the section below!


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