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Many hair trends have come and gone but dyed hair will never go out of style. Whether it be the popular ombre or the latest trend of colorful hair, it’s no secret that a colorful mane can be a real crowd pleaser. However, with vibrant locks come a lot more responsibility that one would like to think. Before crashing the hair salon for ultra fun colors, there are a few precautions to take into consideration before taking the plunge.


  1. Bleaching

Unless one has strands of golden blonde hair, there are going to be quite a few bleaching sessions to lighten the hair. Bleaching hair removes color from natural hairs, leaving a pale yellow hue ready to hold vibrant colors. However, steer clear of too many bleaching sessions. Although the hair may be lighter, the texture also changes as hair oxidizes. Think of it as having colorful locks of straw.


  1. Color maintenance

It would be a dream come true if colored hair stayed as bright and vivid as the first day it is done, but alas, that is not the case. Depending on how many shampooing sessions one can skip, colored hair can end up looking dull and lackluster if the color isn’t maintained. This comes at quite the cost. Although a bottle of dye may not cost several dollars, multiple coloring sessions at biweekly intervals add up quickly. Needless to say, the price of hair doesn’t come cheap when looking for a plethora of colors.


  1. Root touch ups

Let’s face it, roots can show up with no warning in as little as a couple of weeks from the first dyeing session. With rapid hair growth comes the root touch ups. Sure, the two-toned look popularized by Queen Bey herself still resonates with us, but those who are fans of solid colors may find this difficult to come to terms with. Roots are the enemy when it comes to freshly dyed hair. Not only does one have to re-dye, but also re-bleach it as well. It can be a little tricky and downright dangerous having a “DIY bleaching session” so having a professional do it is in everybody’s best interest. Say hello to yet another salon visit.


  1. Boredom

Yes, no matter how long one waited for bubble gum pink hair, rest assured a month in, a new color will be in season and the grapple between saving one’s already bleached/dyed hair from yet another salon sitting and being the first to rock the newest color will become an inevitable battle. In the end, coloring hair is a trend and one that changes as easily as the seasons. To stay up to date means to ultimately get tired of what once was in style.


Sure there are precautions when it comes to hair color experimentation, but when getting down to the bare bones of it all, hair is an expression of oneself. All signs can point toward keeping hair virgin, but in the end, the choice lies within what feels right and what feels best represents the unique personalities everybody is gifted with.


Marissa Ochoa

Marissa Ochoa

Marissa Ochoa is currently a San Diego State University student. As she pursues her bachelor's degree in journalism she also has a radio show, The Aztec Beat, with KCR college radio. In her free time, Marissa loves to dance and aerial silk as well. She is a California native and yes, does believe San Diego has the best Mexican food out there.
Marissa Ochoa

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