Hey! VINA – An App For Finding Your New Best Friend


Picture this – you graduate college, get a job, and move to a new city where you know absolutely no one. How on earth do you make friends in the adult world? There are no classes like in the school world to push you into projects and partnerships with people who share your interest. Any sort of clubs, like a gym, you have to pay membership for, and even then you’re not sure of the socially acceptable way of approaching a potential friend and inviting her to brunch. Making friends in the adult world is difficult!


The Hey! VINA app is here to help. VINA Incorporated was started with the belief that one fun and fabulous female friend can completely change your life for the better. Thus, VINA founders Jen Aprahamian and Olivia June Poole created the Hey! VINA app, a Tinder-alike app for finding a best friend near you!


Hey! VINA takes into consideration things like mutual friends, proximity, and shared interests. When you download the app, you can connect it to Facebook so it can see who your friends know all over the world, from Paris to Tokyo to New York. From there, take quizzes and tell the app your interests so that it can match you up with a friend by interest, career, lifestyle, and life-stage; moms can find fellow moms and single ladies can find their wing-woman. Then swipe through your matches just like you would on a dating app. When you both match, the app will send out an introductory message for you, making the awkward first hello’s a little less stressful. All that’s left to do is meet up in real life!


There are plenty of reasons to expand your social network. With Hey! VINA you can find the perfect partner to explore museums, hit the gym, or learn to weld with; you can find your ideal study-buddy while you’re still in school and she can keep you focused; you can meet locals when you travel and get an awesome traveling experience; you can find new career-building connections; and having new friends and someone who you can really connect with will just plain make you happier!


So get out there and start making some new friends! And while you’re at it, check out VINA’s other project LadyBrag, where you can proudly share your fantastic accomplishments with a community of supportive women and give support in return. Because women supporting and encouraging women is a great thing.


Paige Watts

Paige Watts

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