Instasnoop – An App For Instagram Stalking

Social media was a gift given to humanity in the form of being able to incessantly and stalkerishly keep tabs on every single thing your peers are doing at any given moment. But when you’re months deep in someone’s Instagram feed, you soon realize that gift has become a curse. You’re tense as your thumb scrolls from photo to photo of your crush’s ex’s spring break vacation to the Bahamas, knowing that at any given moment your muscle might accidentally twitch and cause you to double tap the screen, resulting in your liking a four month old picture.

And then they’ll know just how creepy you really are, which basically means, you’ll have to change your name and flee the country.

But lucky for you, Instasnoop is here to keep that from happening because creators Olivia Orchowaski and Nic Davidson want to keep you safe from insta-embarrassment. This free iPhone app completely removes the option to like a picture, allowing your thumb to glide and twitch across the screen as it pleases and keeping you anxiety-free, and plenty more. It lets you pinch to zoom in on pictures, keep up with your network and see you follow and who isn’t following you back, and create an ever-helpful Snooplist. The Snooplist makes snooping even easier, and may give you a little bit of a power trip, because you can add people you don’t want to follow, but you want to keep up with, like your crush’s ex, just to make sure she’s keeping her distance, and you can add specific pictures to your Snooplist so that you can have all of your incriminating evidence in one place.

So snoop, fellow sleuths, snoop on! But remember – with great power comes great responsibility.

Paige Watts

Paige Watts

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