PRYNT CASE: Print Photos from Your Smartphone Instantly

Everyone have heard of Polaroids, as it have been a recurring trend for a while now, and obviously, taking smartphone pictures is nothing but ordinary nowadays, which makes most people think it’s unnecessary to own a camera. Thinking of that, a company decided to unite the powerful technology in a small device of the smartphone and the instant pictures concept of the Polaroid and created a smartphone case that prints pictures.

The Prynt Case is available for iPhone’s as old and the iPhone 5 to the newest version and for Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5 in both black and white. The product requires a special paper to print in it, and 10 sheets come for free with the purchase of the item, having the option of buying 50 sheets along with it too for $25.

The product available in colors pink, white, blue and black with a cream/white accent and currently accepting pre-order, as it is a brand new technology, and shipments start at December 2015.


Victoria Oliveira

Living in Brazil, Victoria has worked for influential brands, blogs and magazines like Dormify, Potterish, Blogócios, Rock Revolt Magazine, Inspiring Women Magazine, Conscious Magazine, myEstilo, Elegant Magazine, The Culture-ist, The Joy of Unemployment, CMuse, Thought Catalog, Diary Traveler, Elite Daily, You On Top Magazine, Affimity, and now, Youthgasm.

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