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Since the beginning of humankind, women have had the “pleasure” of enduring monthly visits from good ‘ol mother nature. Only in the past century did pads, tampons and menstrual cups give females the ability to go about their lives during their “time of the month.” A week of feminine products crowding one’s purse and the bathroom has become somewhat second nature to womankind. However, no matter how careful one is, accidents happen and sometimes your favorite pair of undies need to take a trip to the dumpster. What’s a girl to do? Well, as we said goodbye to 2015, we relished in what I like to call a gift from the gods: Period Proof Panties.


That’s right, no more throwing out pretty undergarments in the name of menstruation. Thinx, the company behind period proof panties, created a line of underwears that are specifically made to prevent leakage and accidents during one’s period. Launching a slew of different underwear types, each is designed with different absorbency levels so you can customize what fits your needs. If you’re worried this is just fancy talk for an adult diaper think again. The garments are equipped with an extremely thin layer to ensure all moisture is wicked away without feeling heavy.



Although wearing lady products with the underwear isn’t necessary, you can wear it as double protection if you’re someone that likes to be safe than sorry.


Since the start of the company, the undies only come in black and tan, but shoppers are given a huge selection ranging from high-waisted to even thongs. They are just like any other undergarment too and are machine washable. Plus, the company also donates some of its profit to help girls from Uganda obtain pads and be able to go to school every day of the week!


With inventions like Thinx, it’s slowly becoming a tad easier being a woman in the world. Your monthly present no longer needs to be a burden…well as big of a burden at least. Goodbye to the days of stand in granny panties and hello to stylish period panties!


Marissa Ochoa

Marissa Ochoa

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